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This web has been developed with the intention of helping users-customers to optimize the feeding performance of Skretting feeds in your aquaculture facility. This web has been created in good faith by Skretting with information from external and internal sources.

However, Skretting doesn't guarantee that feeding performance specifically fixed as a target for the user may be reached in all circumstances, specially having in mind that management and distribution of feed quantities recommended in this web are exclusively customer responsibilities.

The data obtained in this web is not related in any case to classic feeding tables. This program has been created only for being used with Skretting feeds, so Skretting warns that using it with any other feed kind may end with a considerable deviation of the specific performance targets

In general terms, the information contained here may be incomplete, have errors or not be up to date, so before taking any decision based on this content, this information should be checked getting in contact with Skretting. When you access this web you are accepting that Skretting won't be responsible of any loss or damage, direct or indirectly, derived from the use of the information of this web, or because of the access to other information on internet through the connections with this web.

The copyright of this web content is a property of Skretting. The access to it doesn't allow you to copy and/or distribute any content here, and this is not allowed without the approval from Skretting.

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